Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reorganized kitchen

Over on the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons, she has a 14 week challenge to organize our home.  I have a group on Facebook called "Clutter Cleaners Accountability" that I started last year where friends share before and after pics of their home so together we're playing along.  Week 1 was our kitchen.  Thought I'd share my pics and post some tips!

The first thing I tackled was the fridge & freezer since garbage day is on Monday here!  I emptied everything out.  Scrubbed it and organized it all by grouping similar items together.  There was a lot of old stuff in here way at the back!  And I had multiple jars of pickles open!

I went through all my kitchen cabinets and rearranged everything.
I originally thought it'd be best to have the most frequently used cups together but then I ended up having glasses in THREE diff cupboards!  I'm donating cups we don't use anymore and I put all similar items together.  I moved the kids cups to another spot.

The kids cups are now all together.  I keep all the lids in a labeled plastic container.  {I moved the Kitchen Aid parts elsewhere but this was my baking cupboard once up on a time.}

I also moved the stacking cups by the kids' coasters.  {Each child has a coaster right on the counter where they keep their drinks.  Idea from my friend Amanda!}  I wanted these cups accessible to them so they can get their own drinks when thirsty!  I also moved the Keurig from the cluttered bakers rack closer to the sink where we refill it anyway.

I organized the cookbooks by size so it's more streamlined.  I moved the toaster over here too to free up the very junky corner:

I put my dish drainer away under sink.  I moved the Kitchen Aid to the corner out of the way and brought my utensil holder closer to where I work.  {Don't mind the unfinished backsplash. I ran out of moula and plan to finish that soooooonnnnn!}
This cupboard has a bunch of random things so I grouped similar items together.  I pulled it allll out first.  Then put all the drink stuff up top.  The "pharmacy" and non-edibles in the middle.  And the bottom has my baking basket.  I love this idea from my friend Laurel because I just put that basket on the counter when it's time to bake!  Everything but the flour, sugar, eggs and oil are in there!

Beneath that cupboard are my spices. My grandfather made this rack and I love it!  I moved the 2 tier holder  over on the bakers rack next to the toaster.  I am happy to have more work surface again!

So that's my kitchen so far.  I have the oven on self-clean as I write and I wiped out my microwave.  I pulled everything off the top of my cabinets and plan to redecorate up there but need some ideas first.  And that's where I'm at with my kitchen!

Thanks for swinging by!