Thursday, May 25, 2017

Family-friendly media options

My kids are 12, 10 & 7 so I am careful to limit what they are exposed to and keep things age appropriate.  Here are some great resources if you are in the same boat.

Each child has their own profile.  Within that, there are different levels of access they have.

Here is my 12 year old's profile.  She can view anything rated for teens and below.

For added security, we have a passcode for anything rated R or above.

Another option is Pure Flix.  It's a faith-based and/or family-friendly streaming service with a wide variety of Christian movies.  I'm not going to lie... sometimes the acting is a little hit or miss but I really enjoy the messages of many of these shows.  They offer a free month-long trial so it's worth checking out!  We're doing the trial now and have enjoyed "Bear with Me" which was a good movie that all my kids liked, which is a rarity!  My daughter and I watched "Touched by Grace" and it had a good message {I may or may not have cried}.  She and I watched "Jig" which was about Irish dancing, following specific dancers and we liked that.  The boys have watched VeggieTales.  There are documentaries and lots of other options.  I recommend taking a look using the trial!  Can't go wrong with that!
Pure Flix

When my kids were younger, I used to subscribe to Jelly Telly which is produced by the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer.  It has any faith-based shows for little kids.

Sometimes we have movie night and I love this resource!  It's for movies, TV shows, books, music and games but I definitely use the movie info the most.  I love that it gives a synopsis of the movie and outlines the various elements of concern. We each have our own convictions so you may not care about language but want to know about a movie's violence or sexuality content.  The categories are clearly labeled in an easy to read format.  They review new movies playing in theaters too so this is a very up-to-date resource.

Sometimes the kids want to watch things on YouTube. I keep restricted mode on but even safer is "YouTube Kids" or even "GodTube".  They have tons of video clips that kids love watching.  Also on my computer, I have set as my home landing page.  It's a kid safe search engine powered by Google.

I used to have filter on my computer but found it was too slow.  If anyone has a recommendation on a great computer filter that'd work on a PC and apple gadgets, I am definitely interested.  Or if anyone has other resources that are family-friendly, please leave a comment and let me know!  I appreciate it.  We can't be too careful when everything is just a click away!

Be careful little eyes what you see.  

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