Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TobyMac Hits Deep Tour

I took my kids to the TobyMac concert on the weekend and it was amazing!  My son just turned 10 and it was his first concert.  It lasted over 4 hours and was soooo good!  There were EIGHT artists performing!
{Seth & Nirva not pictured}
First was Hollyn.  Seriously if you want to listen to a great album, especially if you have girls, then check out her music.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can listen to her album there.  The song she sings with TobyMac, Light Shine Bright is my cell phone ring tone. Love that song!  She has a fun pop vibe.

Capital Kings performed and it was awesome!  I love electronic dance music {EDM} and although I didn't know their songs I did know the band from my Pandora Station!  Definitely recommend them for anyone looking for an EDM hip hop sound!  Crank it when the kids have to clean their rooms!

The lead singer from Third Day, Mac Powell was there with his friends.  They do country music between his Third Day albums and were really good!  They sang country stuff but of course had to play some popular Third Day tunes!

Matt Maher and Ryan Stevenson where there and I knew their songs from the radio but had no idea it was them.  It was a real treat to sing along and hear them live!  They were so good!  Ryan Stevenson's Eye Of The Storm opened with a boom of thunder and lightning.  And Matt Maher rocked it out on the guitar and piano!  Their vibe is more contemporary Christian/worship and their lyrics are incredible.

Mandisa was there too!  I remember her from American Idol and LOVE her Overcomer album, which I own. She shared a story about her struggle with depression and sang a new song.  It was so inspirational and good!  Her dancers were fabulous.  They were happy and jumping all over the place. I really enjoyed her set and I love her upbeat Christian pop music.  Check out Overcomer if you need a great workout song!

In February I discovered Seth & Nirva when I was looking for Christian duos {inspired by Us The Duo's amazing vibe}.  I had no idea they'd be at the concert and they sang Brother which is a really good song!  I couldn't get a good shot but didn't care too much because I just wanted to enjoy their music.  Oh so good!

TobyMac came out and sang all the songs we knew.  One of my favs is Speak Life which I blogged about four years ago!  Click HERE to read what that song means to me.  I just love his music because it's upbeat and sounds like something you'd hear on a regular radio station.  He has has a reggae vibe in some of his stuff which I LOVE.  I especially love his Eye On It and This Is Not A Test albums because they are upbeat and I can dance to 'em!

We had really good seats right between the two stages and in front of the walkway between the two.  We knew other people who went so got to say hi during the break.  My daughter said she enjoyed this concert more than the Pentatonix concert we saw last fall!!!  We knew all the songs and everyone was so happy and there was worship time.  It was just soooo good and great night out.  So worth getting home at midnight!  My youngest stayed home for a "Daddy Day" but I'm grateful to have older kids so we can do this sort of thing together!  Looking forward to when we can all go as a family of 5!
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Nice experience! Hope to watch their concert.