Thursday, February 23, 2017

2017 Volume 3

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Where has the time gone?!  February is zipping by as fast as January!  I have been so busy but I wanted to share some updates before the month was gone.

I mentioned before about trying to eat healthy but I struggle with consistency.  Remember that clean eating challenge?  Ya.. failed miserably.  Doesn't help that my schedule got busier!  I just default back to what I know, and what I know isn't the best.  Still decent but much room for improvement.  I'll keep chugging along on that endeavor but am not obsessing about it.  

We got snow and the kids enjoyed playing in it.  I dreamed of a mudroom or a nicer entry way because my living room often looks like a closet exploded.  I'm trying to not freak about it but umm... about once a month, I blow a gasket.  Darn hormones.  I had hoped my kids would be magically cleaner as they got older but it's complete opposite.  All those nights tidying before bedtime have amounted to NOTHING!  Even with the kids ages soon to be 12, 10 & 7, they pretty much need their life threatened to clean up around here!  We've had a monetary system in place for a couple years but that doesn't motivate them unless there is something that are itching to buy.  

So Momma copes by eating, making cards and making her nails pretty with glitter.  Oh and wine.  Did I mention that I buy it by the box now?  *wink*

I got this great shirt below from Walmart of all places! I love it!  I felt happy in it all day.  I want to dress happier. Kimmy Schmidt from Unbreakable inspires me.  I might not go all out 90s but a splash here and there of color and whimsy is on my mind!

PEOPLE, He-man and She-ra are on Netflix!!!  I watched an episode of each with my sick son a few days ago and it was pretty funny.  What's with He-man's hair?  And Skeletor called someone a boob which actually made me laugh.  Oh 80s, you make me smile.

We got snow.  We live in CT.  Snow is almost gone.  My little garden gnome "Hal" {short for jalepeno - bc of his hat} popped up through the snow.  He's braving it outside all year round because his owner is lazy and didn't clean up in the fall.  Meh... maybe next year.  Hope he survives.

I went on a date with my hot man last weekend!  We went to see Us The Duo at Mohegan Sun.  They opened for Pentatonix who my daughter and I saw back in November.  I fell in love with their music and was THRILLED they were touring.  I took lots of pics and posted my favs on Instagram because they always pic a fan's photo to share on their feed.
They didn't choose mine but they did like and comment on my pics!  They are sooo good with connecting with their fans.  They genuinely are so grateful for our support.  They are a married couple with beautiful harmonizing voices and they both many multiple instruments.  You gotta check them out!  {links below}
Well that's about it for this volume o' updates.  Hope you are staying cozy wherever you are.

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