Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shop incognito

Don't you hate it when you shop for something on Amazon and then the next time you log onto Facebook, the exact item is on the side bar?  It's creepy {that's another post} but especially annoying when a wide-eyed child that you were shopping for says: "Mom why is that toy there?  That's the one I want!!"  It's hard to keep secrets around birthdays and Christmas with the online spies watching our every move and revealing it to the next person on the computer!

A friend gave me this tip awhile ago and let me tell you, it is soooo helpful this time of year, especially since the kids use the computer so much these days and are smarter than me in some ways!  

With Christmas on the horizon, I've been looking for gifts for my kids online so before I do a search, I open an "incognito" window.  

It allows me to browse without keeping track of my activity.

So just a little tip in case you didn't know!  Happy shopping!

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