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Hands Free Mama - Clarity - Chapter 6

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Today I'm sharing from Chapter 6 entitled, “Seeing Life Through Undistracted Eyes”.

Please read below or click on the arrow in the red circle below for an audio file of me reading it.

I have shared about my struggles with Facebook on my blog before so it shouldn’t be a surprise when I finally say that I am done with Facebook.  Not deleting it, but done…
Done with reading people’s updates and looking at photos.
Done with commenting.
Done with posting my own family photos and updates.
Done with the timeline and newsfeed part of it.
I don’t want to delete my account because my favorite feature {aside from the ease of keeping in touch with far away family and friends}, is connecting with my community.  I love the private groups for my Good Morning Girls bible study.  I stay in the know with my kids’ schools and PTO events.  My town has a private group with updates from restaurant recommendations to traffic reports.  Leaving Facebook completely would leave me feeling isolated and I’m not ready for that.  {Plus my sister just had a baby and I love looking at pictures.  Thankfully she knows that I won’t see them unless she tags me in them!}
Did you know there is an app called “Facebook Groups” that bypasses the newsfeed and just shows your groups?!  This is amazing and what I use!  Here's the screen shot of it in the App Store.

And just as Rachel says in her book,
“As I began to clear away the excess of daily distraction, the veil of negativity lifted.”
Since “giving up” Facebook, I do feel a veil lifting.  I’m not worried about what people will think of my posts.  I don’t feel sadness from abused dog photos.  Bye bye irritation from the political posts.  I don’t feel left out or lonely because I’m not seeing friends getting together or their family gatherings.  I don’t feel guilty for not helping someone who is sick.  You see, I put way too much pressure on myself to be all things to everyone and when I couldn’t keep up, I felt like a rotten person.   It’s amazing how much mental energy I put into the whole Facebook exchange.
Plus, without the constant bombardment of information, my brain has less to process.  Although I still have some work to do, I am feeling so much better mentally!  There is more peace in my life already.  YAY!

On page 115, Rachel says that without all the distractions you see moments that matter and it’s true.  Real life conversations by phone and in person mean more now.  I care about people, I really do, but I can NOT keep up with everyone!   I needed to step back to see which relationships I should be investing in.  Which are real and which are meant to stay online?  This is fuzzy for me.  Back in the summer when I went to Toronto, I wanted to connect with old friends.  I didn’t have enough time and emailed people to apologize for not seeing them.  I don’t know if they even thought twice about it, but I was sensitive about posting my photos.  Would that make them feel badly because I didn’t see them?  And would we even be in touch if it wasn’t for Facebook?  Would they come see me if they were 1 hour from me in CT?  Some relationships are just for a season but I hang on.  Is this guilt even normal?  So ya… I have to leave Facebook for all those reasons.  I’m a basket case!  Just took me a long time to figure it out.

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