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Hands Free Mama - Serenity - Chapter 5

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Today I'm sharing from Chapter 5 entitled, “Taking Pause - Serenity”.  

Feel free to read below or watch the video where I read it to you in under 3 minutes:

As tempted as I am to rewrite the whole chapter, because there is SO MUCH awesome information here, I will refrain and summarize my take away points!  But man oh man do I urge parents to read this book!  Rachel May Stafford shares great stories and has given me so much to think about!!! She gives simple ideas on how to be more involved.  We need to spend time with our family because we never know what tomorrow will bring. 

Our children LOVE being with us.  She told a story about working at a daycare and watching baby faces light up when they first saw their moms at pick up time.  It’s true!  My kids and I have all had that surge of happy when we see each other after some time apart.  It’s a feeling like no other and as my kids have gotten older, I have to confess that I haven't been as attentive as I once was.
“Oh, dear God, I didn’t know anyone could be this happy to see me – because I hadn’t stopped long enough to notice.” P.87
I want to see that again so I will be off the phone when my kids get home from school.  Somewhere along the way we stopped hugging as much.  I want to be more intentional with that too.

Rachel writes in the book that there are three times that our attention is most desired by our children:
  1. When we reconnect after a separation
  2. When our children are performing or exerting themselves (like on the soccer field)
  3. During meals
Connecting in those moments takes EFFORT and requires us to be "hands free" and off our phones!  So that means more eye contact, hellos and hugs when we reconnect.  I will watch my child play soccer and find a break for myself another time.  I will try to cook more meals and sit around the dinner table so we can reconnect TOGETHER as a family.  My kids are growing and have their own rooms, no longer all play together and have different hobbies, so meal time is the only time we are together in the same room! 

Man this is good stuff!
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