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Hands Free Mama - Presentness - Chapter 4

HI AGAIN!  I'm not sure where the summer went but I'm baaaack!  I've been wanting to write so many things but continuing with my blog series is at the top of the list!!  Welcome to part 4 of what I've learned from the book "Hands Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford.  

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Today I'm sharing from Chapter 4 entitled, “Recognize the gift of today – Presentness”.  

You can either read my post below or watch/listen to the video {3min 16sec} where I'll read it to you.

My biggest take away from this chapter can be summed up easily:
I see you.
Little moments add up.
There will come a day when our kids aren’t there.

I told my kids just the other day that these are special years for their Dad and me because it’s really the only time we are all together as a family.  One day they will be grown with families of their own and we’ll just get the occasional visit.  These years are TREASURE and I recognize it!  That’s not to say these days don’t have their struggles – they do.  But I want to appreciate the good and let the fighting, discipline, conflict, and tears disappear with each day’s sunset.

Rachel reminds us in the opening of this chapter of what a gift TODAY really is. 
No longer would I bank on family vacations and holidays to invest time in relationships and create memories. It was the beginning of living, laughing, and loving every single day I was blessed to be alive.” p.70
Memories are built in the day to day simple interactions! We make ourselves mentally available to our kids on trips because they are designated family time but those extra special bonding moments don’t always happen on special occasions.  They are in the simple, normal, regular days.  Like when my son tells me a story with big lit up eyes and gigantic gestures.  Or when my daughter calls for me to show me something she’s made.  How I respond to those things, gets recorded in their little memories!
For it is in the everyday moments, doing routine activities, that we create the past.” p.74
And I want my past to be packed with those “feel good” moments, not idle waste.  And I have push through my selfishness when my kids are fighting and irriate me to get to this place.  I want them to know:
I see you. You matter. I love to watch you.” p.80
Simple but isn’t that a great reminder!?  I had to write it out!  It really sums up what I’m trying to accomplish here!  The reason I want to be present with my kids is so they know how much I love them and that they matter to me.  They’ll only know it based on how I act around them.

I love the reflection question at the end of the chapter:
Do you put off spending time with loved ones or delay doing things you enjoy until certain duties are complete and you have “more time”?   Does that ideal moment ever arrive?” p.86
I hope you are moved to appreciate time with your family!  I know I am!  {Which is why this series is taking me much longer than I had hoped to type up!!}

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