Thursday, June 16, 2016

My son's bedroom makeover

I redid my son's bedroom last year but neglected to post about it!  Here is a very late peek at his room make over.

When we moved into this house, his room was dark red.  It actually worked well with the aviation/patriotic theme I had in our old house so kept it as is.  I also liked the dark walls because they were great for napping kids.  But it was just too dark as my boy got older, and the white carpet was terribly dirty and stained despite me cleaning it.  I finally got annoyed enough to update this room!

I freshened up the room with a lighter coat of paint from Home Dept.  I had to go and get it darkened because what appeared on the wall was not what I thought it was!
Click to enlarge.
It had primer in it so I was able to get the blue over the red in ONE COAT!!!  One coat people!!!  That's amazing and I will DEFINITELY buy that kind again!  {Behr Marqee Enamel Interior Paint}

Here is his finished room:
I did a collage wall of things he likes which I mostly found at Hobby Lobby.  I have a cubbie shelf from IKEA for his Lego masterpieces.  I updated his light switch cover and installed laminate wood floors from Lumber Liquidator.  I also put all his clothes in his closet since he doesn't have a dresser.  I use a plastic drawer organizer for simplicity.

I love how it turned out! Brighter and a little more put together.
I still have a few finishing touches to do but for now it's functional and makes me such much happier when I enter this space!

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