Friday, May 20, 2016

Missing old friends

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Woh... hang on tight... the school year is coming to an end soon and our schedule is busy!  Do I ever look forward to the relaxing days of summer and connecting with friends we haven't seen in awhile!

One of the things that has changed drastically this school year is that the kids and I haven't seen our "old" friends much at all.  When they were babies and toddlers, we got together with people often for playdates.  When we homeschooled, we saw friends regularly too.  But now we are in this weird time of our lives where we don't see those old friends because the only option is the weekend.  Squeezing in family time plus with kids in sports, and church, well that doesn't leave a lot of free time on weekends.  {Never mind that when we're available, the friends we want to see are not!  I know we are not the only ones with busy schedules!}

The kids aren't seeing their old buds any more and I'm trying to figure out whether to hang out or let go.  How do you know when a chapter of your life is closing?  How do you decide who to invest the most time in?  We are blessed to know some amazing people and I want to see everyone!  But that's not realistic and hard for me to process.

With all the school activities, we are meeting new and wonderful people!  The kids all have different friends, but I don't know their parents at all.  That is different for me.  I've met some great people I'd love to spend more time with, but everyone seems so busy.  We see each other at school events so with kids running around, conversation stays pretty light.  You don't get to talk about the nitty gritty parts of raising kids and life in general and I miss those heart talks with my friends.  I miss having coffee together.  I miss BONDING and connection in person.   It makes my heart a little nostalgic for those simple days where the only thing on the agenda is getting through that pot of coffee and keeping our children alive.

So moms of little ones who are wore out and physically busy all day long... savor those play dates and time with other women.  I'm still trying to navigate my way and figure things out, but I'm thankful that I know there are some friends that are super great at picking up right where we left off!

Summer sweet summer... I am anxious for you!

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