Thursday, May 5, 2016

2 resources to eliminate FB timeline

I'm always talking about streamlining my time online and last month I cut back on Facebook once again.  I felt so overwhelmed by the various house projects that needed to get done and sometimes I need to make the conscious choice to not waste time surfing online.

I found two great tools to help me and wanted to share!  {And a side note for all you people who want to tell me to just delete Facebook.... um, no way!  I love it!  It's a great tool for keeping in touch with my far away family and friends.  I also use it to stay plugged into what's going on in my community.  I have no interest in deleting it so need to find ways, like this, to help me manage my time.}

First is for my home computer...  It's an extension I added to my tool bar called "Kill News Feed".  You literally can't see the main timeline with all your friend's activity.  And if you click "home" out of habit, a nice little message pops up!  Love it!   I use many groups and the inbox on Facebook so I'm able to hop on without distraction!  Oh and another bonus... it removes that live feed on the far right!  That thing takes me on rabbit trails all.the.time!

Click here to get: "Kill News Feed".  Here's their sample page:

I also found an amazing app that allows you to view just your groups on your iPhone!  For some reason it doesn't have high reviews but!  It is life-changing!

Here is how it looks and description:


I hope other people suffering from information overload can use these tools too!

Now to just work on the people-loving "I don't want them to hate me" part of me that is having a hard time not surfing and commenting on people pictures and posts!  No app for that!

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