Sunday, April 3, 2016

It Adventures Ropes Course

Instead of doing a birthday party for my 11 year old this year, I took my kids to an indoor adventure rope course with zip lines called "It", which is located inside Jordan's Furniture in New Haven, CT. 

We went with my BFF and her three girls and had a really great time!
Click here to see there website!   
There are three sections.  The big obstacle course with zip lines, 4 climbing structures called "Climb It" and "Little It" which is a series of bridges and beams for the smaller kids.  All the kids but my small 5 year old went on the "It & Zip It".  

The kids had a really good time but it wasn't without its hiccups.  My daughter is 11 and although she did well on many apparatuses, she did get scared a few times.  Here she is smiling at the beginning and lowest level: 

This is my 9 year old son cruising along without a thought!  He had no issues and enjoyed his time a lot!!  He left the girls and enjoyed his adventure alone!

I took Colin over to "Climb It" which was four structures that he got to climb once each.  I would not recommend this for small kids unless they are dare devils.  He was hooked to their bungee safety harness but it was clipped to his front and was in his way.  The green poles {photo below} were spread too far apart.  The balls had grips again spaced too far apart.  The rainbox thing was harder than it looked because strategy is involved.  The guys working there helped Colin a little but when I commented how hard it was, they said it wasn't for small kids.  Well good to know!  Had I known this, I probably would have skipped it.  The last structure was a tall pole with a platform to jump off - a bungee jump.  They switched harnesses and this one was on his back so it would have felt like a total free fall.  Colin climbed the ladder like a monkey but he wouldn't jump and the guy working went up to escort him down.  The staff was really helpful!

"Little It" was great for Colin!  He loved walking around on all the bridges and beams.  I wish they had a small zip line or something though to spice it up but he was happy.  He was allowed in this for as long as he wanted so was there awhile.  Only downfall is that parents must stay inside the fenced in area with their kids.  So I was unable to keep an eye on my other two.

But every now and again I'd catch one of my kids zipping by!  LOL!  Here is Vienna!  She loved the zip lines!

Once you pay you can stay in the course for as long as you want.  We got there between 10:30-11:00 and it got really crowded by 1pm when we left.  When Vienna was coming down, she walked along two parallel ropes and slipped.  She fell and was saved by her harness but it scared her a lot!  She was in tears and one of the workers saw her crying and escorted her out.

My friend has three kids ages 12, 10 & 8 and the 12 year old came out early because she doesn't like heights while her 8 year old was a monkey cruising all over the place without any fear.  I think this course is awesome for kids but it just depends on the child!

Here's a video of Vienna and Lance on the zip line and Colin jumping off that tower from a lower point.  Turn down your sound a little because I am cheering them on!

Despite the scare, Vienna said she would go back again.  I know we'll do it again when Colin is a bit older and we'll have to take Daddy next time too!

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