Monday, March 28, 2016

Fake on Facebook

Some people get annoyed by people who are "fake" on Facebook.  They think they're bragging and share their pictures to make their lives look better than they are.  Well guess what?  I'm one of them!  haha!  Well kinda...  I'm not doing it to make my life look better {trust me, I am VERY aware of how it is far from perfect} but that is a natural consequence of sharing the highlights of my life online.  Every now and again I might post a "reality shot" but they are limited intentionally.

When my days are hard, it's usually because I'm annoyed by someone.  I'm not going to publicly humiliate them by dragging my baggage into "town square".  I share some of my struggles here on my blog for those who take the time to read them and if you know me in real life, I am straight-forward and don't like to sugar coat things.  Life is tough!  However, who I am online is just a little piece of who I am all the time... just the tip of the Mary iceberg.

I love this illustration below.  I think it was designed with a business in mind but it applies to this situation well.  The success or those "fake photos" is just what is showing.  Under it all, there is still all that tough life stuff like failures, sacrifices, uncooperative children, illness, potty accidents, disappointment, messy houses, arguments with spouses, grey hair, sibling rivalry, wrinkles, extra weight, complaining kids, etc.
Behind every ONE good photo of my kids is about 10 of them scowling or not looking or even elbowing one another.  Ha!

When I share pictures, they are often the best moments of my kids because they are getting more self-conscious and I want to be considerate of their feelings.  I also am selective with photos of me.  Ya I use filters and airbrush my skin to make it look smooth. If people are going to be staring at my face, it's going to be nice.  Or silly!  I can do silly.  But I'm getting older and definitely more critical of the wrinkles and fading; besides I like artsy photos.  Don't judge me!  haha!

A couple of my recent Facebook profile pictures.

I know there is a lot of talk about being authentic.  I'd like to think that I am pretty honest and leave myself vulnerable here on my blog.  I think we need to share our struggles a little bit because it's how we identify with one other.  Perfection isn't attractive and quite a turn off isn't it?  It brings out our worst insecurities!  Remember...

It's a fine balance isn't it?  For both the poster and the reader.  People use social media for different reasons.  I hope this post will give more credibility to people like me who post to be an encouragement and not to air dirty laundry.  I don't think we are fake by being selective.

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Just swinging by and i came across this article. Interesting and real. Thanks Mary