Sunday, March 20, 2016

Buckling down on bad behavior {with free printable}

Parenting is a tough gig!  You teach them to share and be kind and although it's something we've attempted to instill into our kids from the beginning, their selfish ways rear their ugly head far too often.  Now that my kids are older {11, 9 & 6 as of next month}, their interests are different and they no longer play together the way they used to.  Someone seems to feel left out and the teasing and rivalry is at a high.  Tattling, complaining, teasing, and threatening are pretty much daily occurances around here.

"So and so isn't letting me play."
"I'm better than you at xyz."
"If you don't do blah blah, I'm never going to play with you again."

I vented to my husband and said we need an action plan.  I've been mentally exhausted and felt like we needed to regroup.  I thought SPECIFICALLY about what I want to hone in on for each child.

  • I have a hitter or two.
  • I have an impulsive one who inflicts pain on others.
  • I have a retaliator - who gives it back hard!
  • I have a provoker who likes to tease and argue.

Na na na na na
It's not the way I want to live.  And it's not the way I've raised them so far.  I've raised them to be kind, love one another and use their words to communicate...  To walk away when frustrated or come to me for help.
But here we are needing the reminder of what is expected of them, and the consequences if they break those rules.
After looking online for ideas of an appropriate behavior chart, I ended up accumulating ideas and made this in Word:
I'll share!  Download free here.
You can click to enlarge but it has:
An amazing day! - I want to acknowledge good behavior too!
Good Morning - Where the magnets will start each day.
Warning - just my verbal reminder
Time Out - # of minutes as their age
Lose electronics for rest of day - music, ipods, tv and computer, which matter more now that they are older!
Write out rules 10 times - I have a list of three specific things that each child is to work on.
Go to bed early - Clearly if they are acting up, they just need to be away from the others and go bed.

I printed it, taped it to my fridge and am using little alphabet magnets with their initials to move accordingly.  Their letter will move one row each time I need to address their behavior. {Glad I purposely chose names with different first letters for my kids!  But you could use ABC if you have duplicates!}

Hopefully it will curb some of the ugly going on in my house.  And it will help me keep my sanity since I have a goal and plan on how to react.
Raising kids ain't for the faint of heart that's fer shizzle!!

And with that... I have a question for parents out there.  How do you unwind or destress from this phase of parenting?  I need some new ideas!

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