Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Homemade I Spy

I got my son an "I Spy" book from the library.  When he saw the pages with a scene inside a cardboard box, he was inspired.  He told me that he could make it.  "It's easy," he said.  So our nice quality time of reading books together morphed into a spontaneous craft time.

I had no idea how he planned to do it but off he went to craft.  He drew a rainbow and grass and water which are hard to see in the photos so here's a close up of my favorite part...a man on a train.  haha!  Cute!

I suggested cutting pieces from a magazine to glue inside to make his own I Spy game.  He loved that idea so he did that when he was done.  Oriental Trading catalogues were great for this!

How easy is that for a fun afternoon craft for your children?!  Get them an empty box, craft supplies, recycled materials {as I blogged about here}, magazines and let them create their own I spy scene!

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PS.  We used kabob skewers which are VERY sharp and I do not recommend for young children.

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Amber L. said...

You are such a fun mom! Love his imagination!