Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things about Christmas is cards!  Surprise surprise if you know me!  I love mailing them and I love getting them!  Taking them down used to make me sad but no longer... because we've been doing something special with them that I wanted to pass on!

I stick them in a vertical napkin holder and each night when we sit down to supper as a family, we pray for someone.  This has been a great way for the kids to learn about some of the wonderful people we know.  I talk about how we know them and update everyone on what's new in their lives {a perk to social media!}.  Then we pray for them as we give thanks for our meal.

When Christmas comes again, I tuck any photo cards into an album, recycle or repurpose old cards {gift tags, cards, etc} and put new incoming ones on my wall.  After Christmas, we start praying again.

Sooooo if you want us to pray for you through the year, please send us a card!
And there's an easy idea you can do with your family!

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