Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Planner talk

Planner, agenda, schedule... whatever you call it, if you are a planner person then this is an exciting time of year!  We drool over the selection and find the perfect fit for our lives.  The new year means a fresh book and fresh possibilities!  We get giddy!

I save my planners and it's fun to look back on them.  There's been situations where I had to look something up and thankfully had the info recorded.  Here's a peek at my stash!  

Over the years I have used different types of planners.  The appointment style with daily times written down were really convenient when I worked 3 jobs and had different schedules to coordinate. It also worked out well when I homeschooled.  But I noticed that my preferred style tends to be the week at a glance so I can write out my daily tasks.  

This year I found a pretty Dayspring brand planner.  It has a month at a view for easy viewing and then a weekly spread which allows me to write down details.  

A newer fad is to embellish planners with stickers and doodles and quotes.  I do enjoy sitting in front of the TV and doing this to mine time to time.  I haven't been consistent with this but maybe I'll do it more often because it makes me so happy to look through!

Who else is on the planner bandwagon?

Wishing you all the best for 2016!

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Tara D said...

Me! I have bought so many planners over the years. I actually bought a Happy Planner this year but I always go back to my trusty bullet journal. I decorate like crazy, stickers, doodles, washi tape. I even splurged this Christmas and am trying out Scarlet Lime's Planner Society subscription for a few months. I received my first box and it had a lot of planner cuteness in it...stickers, clips, papers etc. :) Fun, fun!