Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meal time just got easier!

Meals are my most dreaded homemaking task of all!  I am not a naturally gifted chef.  I can't just open the pantry and magically put ingredients together.  {Seriously, recipes were made for people like me!} Although I have built up a small repertoire of favorites over the years, I am still a "heat to cook" kinda girl.  My husband and I are not really picky eaters but we have three kids.  I don't like spending more time than necessary preparing meals.... well unless I could tolerate the bazillion interruptions while doing a chore I never enjoyed in the first place.

Mealtimes are filled with mixed emotions.  It's hard to find something we all enjoy.  I hate when kids complain {still training and dealing with those poor attitudes}.  If I cook what they like, it's often processed junk and then I feel guilty about what I feed my family.


Over Thanksgiving, a friend told me about "No More To Go".  It is an amazing meal planning website.  They provide the weekly menu WITH recipes, and a grocery list based on seasonal ingredients!  The list is amazing which you can kind of see in the photo above!  It has everything listed in categories so it was VERY easy to navigate the grocery store!  {Each ingredient has a little letter in the column to the right that corresponds with what recipe you need it in.  Genius!}

The recipes are all foods I would actually eat but never think to make.  Last night it was sausage rigatoni ragu with mixed greens and a homemade vinaigrette.  I never made ragu before and it was soooo easy and tasty.  {Heck, I never made rigatoni before!}  The vinaigrette was super easy too and I love that it was fresh!  Surprisingly my WHOLE family loved it, minus one kid who didn't like the sharp taste of the salad dressing {but I made it without the called for anchovy paste because I couldn't find it!!}  Even the pickier kid who hates pasta liked it after I said it was like pizza. He gobbled it up {with carrots and zucchini finely chopped in the sauce!}.  I was amazed!

I am adding this meal to my "favorites".  If a weekly menu comes out with something that I don't want to make, then I can swap it out!  Talk about easy!

Soooo if you hate meal planning, hate thinking about your grocery list or never know what to make for supper, you might want to try this out!  I got an amazing deal on Groupon but there is a 50% off sale til Dec.4th too!  See the code below.

saw on their Facebook Page
Passing this on in case there is someone else like me!  Guess who's looking forward to supper now?!

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EDIT:  I wasn't paid to say how awesome this is but after sharing this post, I now have my first affiliate link on my blog!  How cool is that?!!!  Can I tell you how much I love "No More To-Go"?  *squeal!!*  Click HERE to subscribe!


Tara D said...

You are an angel! I just ordered the year subscription through your groupon link :) Just yesterday, I had made a note that I needed to get serious about meal planning again, then I saw this today. Way easier :) Thank you so much for sharing your experience :)

Mary said...

Tara you'll have to tell me what you think once you've cooked a few meals! I hope it helps us both! Crazy that something so important isn't so easy for us to do regularly! I love not having to think anymore and my family loves that I have a supper plan each day!