Sunday, November 1, 2015

The new Keurig, I get it now!

Oooooo now I get it!  I know how the new Keurig is different from the old one!  I googled it and put the question on Facebook but no one gave me a straight answer.  It all seemed elusive so I have the deets for ya from my own personal experience...

It’s extra fancy and reads the label kind of like a CD.  The k-cups will only work in the machine if it has the Keurig logo AND the border ring around the edge.  See how the old k-cup is all one color?  Ya, it won't work in the new machines.  

And if you try to trick the machine, oh no no no, it is SMART!

I called the number on the screen and got the whole low down.  They stopped manufacturing the "old" k-cups in Spring of 2014 but they are still floating around.  So check the expiry date on the box.  Also, the newer {meaning made after April or May 2014 to present} boxes all have a blurb that they are for use in all Keurig k-cup machines.

They were nice enough to send me a coupon for a free box to replace the one I had.  So if you are considering a Keurig and were confused like me because of this mysterious change... voila... you are up to date.  It's not as scary as I thought!

{And in other news... they finally released the new reusable filter!  Yay!}

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Kadie @ 12 twenty8 said...

Oh! That can be tricky! Good to know what the difference is! Thanks for all of your investigative work! ;)