Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Date night - Carbon Leaf

I had a super awesome, great date night last week and it was planned just hours before!  The band Carbon Leaf was playing at the casino and had free entry.  Last time they toured, I went with a friend but she wasn't available this time.  She's a teacher and had conferences, plus my husband was scheduled to work late anyway so no sitter.  I figured I'd just miss this one.

The day of the concert arrived and as luck would have it, it was raining so my husband's training flight was canceled!!!  I thought how wonderful it'd be to go with him.  I remembered that a friend had recently posted on Facebook that her daughter wanted to babysit to make Christmas money.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask even if it was so last minute... and sure enough she was available!!!  Jay was pretty happy {and surprised} when I texted him the news!

The concert didn't start til 8pm so we were able to tuck our kids in before leaving!  And off we went!

We last saw Carbon Leaf in 2002 when they opened for Great Big Sea at Toad's Place in New Haven.

The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun wasn't too crowded and we got a decent seat.  The band was awesome and we really enjoyed the show!

Afterwards Jay wanted a pizza so we went to Pepe's {which is at the casino} to get one to go.  He's being silly here...

While waiting for that to cook, we went upstairs to the new Carlos' Bakery!  I got some treats for the kids {and us}.

 Me with the Cake Boss!  haha!

We returned to get our pizza and since we had to pass the concert area on the way out, I asked Jay if we could stop to see if the band's meet and greet line was shorter.  There was one person waiting!  Yippee!

I got my CD signed.

I chit chatted with the band.

Here is the lead singer...

We talked a bit and then he asked me if "the guy over there holding the camera" wanted to take our picture.  LOL!  Jay was so sweet taking pics for me!


I really love Carbon Leaf.  {They did the music for the Curious George 2 movie!}  They are an indie rock band with an irish pub flavor.  {Click here for more on their website.}
I always listen to their Echo Echo album when I go on road trips.  Here is my favorite song, "The Boxer"!

We haven't gone out late at night like this is a reeeeeeally long time and I missed the night life with my man!  Last time we went out after the kids' bedtime we were both exhausted and it wasn't fun.  Now that the kids are older, we can do fun things like this again and actually enjoy it!

I am so grateful to have this guy in my life.  It's been 19 years that we've been together and I still love dating him.

Now go check out Carbon Leaf's website!!

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Awwww! Love it! Date nights are the absolute best! And I totally forgot about the Cake Boss bakery!! I gotta get over there!