Thursday, October 22, 2015

Organizing school papers

I have three kids in two different schools and that means a lot of information coming my way!  I decided to put all important papers in one binder with tabs so info is easy to find when I need it.

The school year calendar is what I chose for my cover in the front of the binder.  I refer to this a lot because it has half days and holidays on it.... very helpful!

On the inside cover, I wrote down the boys' specials.  I reference this a lot so I can send them to school with the right footwear for P.E., appropriate clothes for art and to bring their books on library day.

I have different tabs for each child's class and the school, plus meetings notes from the PTO, superintendent meetings and my volunteer stuff.  It's nice to have one place to store all this information.

Our schools have a lot of activities going on like field trips, fundraisers, family fun events and conferences so I put all those flyers on my Thirty-One organizer.  They are organized by date so the upcoming event is on the top.  Just an easy way to glance and see what's coming up.

As for all those worksheets and crafts... I put them in a magazine folder as they come in and when it's full, I will go through and save my favorites and recycle the rest.  I haven't sorted them yet this year so it holds at least two months worth of work.  I personally like this method because I don't have to make a decision when papers come home.  I tend to save more when I have to make a decision right away.  When I have a stack, it's so much easier to just keep a sampling.  I did this back when my daughter was in public school before and it works well for me!

If anyone else has ideas on how to organize school paperwork, please share below!  My ideas may not work for everyone and I love hearing what people do with all the papers!!

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