Thursday, October 29, 2015

LuLaRoe clothes

Have you ever heard of LuLaRoe clothing?  It’s a really neat home-based business that reminds me of Thirty-One bags but with clothes!  They have just a few different styles of shirts, skirts and dresses, plus leggings that come in various prints that are always changing!  {Check out their line here.}

My friend added me to her sister’s private Facebook group where she posts the shipments she receives.  You don't place orders; you buy from the stock she has.  It’s exciting because when she gets a box, she has no idea what she’ll get.  It's a surprise for all of us and we go crazy over the patterns!  Here is the link to her “online closet” if you’d like to join!

I like the clothes because they are so amazingly soft!  I am a cotton girl and have trouble with certain textures and fabrics so these are really good for sensory sensitive folk like me.  {Some styles come in kids sizes too!}

Here I am wearing some fun leggings {under a skirt I bought elsewhere}:

They seriously are butter soft and oh so comfortable!  They aren't suffocating like some leggings.  And they don't pull your leg hair if you go a couple days without shaving!  LOL!  Keeping it real!

I only own one shirt and one pair of leggings but I tried a bunch of things on at my friend’s house and have a wish list!   They do in home parties too!  The clothes are modest, which is great because I don't like my clothes clinging to me and I don't want to worry about exposing myself when I bend down to help my children.  When I wear my shirt, I can lean over without worrying who’ll see down through to my belly button.  #smallchestproblems haha!  And the length and give is very flattering for jiggly bellies.  te he  Maybe I can give away my longer maternity shirts now?  {My youngest is 5!}
This style is called the "Randy".
Today I wore my funky leggings as I bummed around the house.  When my husband came home he wasn’t sure what to think.  He said I looked like I was going to meet up with Major Bedhead and hang out on a couch. {Big Comfy Couch TV show reference}… I laughed so hard!  What a goof!  I definitely need to think through my pattern choices!  I don’t know if it looks funky or geeky on me.  Oh well, I think it’s fun and my husband did say he preferred this over my sweat pants uniform.  *wink*  So win win so far!  Comfy and husband approves!

Tricia also has a Facebook page you can “like” where she shares lots of styling ideas!  She knows how to pair stuff together!

Anywho, I’m not getting any compensation for posting this but if you do swing by and buy something be sure to let Tricia know I referred you!  I've been meaning to write about this for some time and noticed that more people are hearing about it so wanted to get the word out!

Happy shopping and drooling!!
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