Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Public School update. Month #1

My kids have been at public school for a month now and I thought I'd share how we are making out so far!

The transition from homeschool to public school has gone much better than I had ever hoped!
  • All kids are doing amazingly well and grades are awesome! No one is behind in anything!
  • No complaints getting up in the morning, although it's getting harder with the chilly mornings we've been having! {5:45am is V's & my wake up time - eek!}
  • V is learning to play flute!
  • L has turned a corner and LOVES chapter books! He devoured a Magic Tree House book tonight and read the whole.thing. Unreal!
  • C is proud of his ever growing ability to spell words. He read his first book to me this week using his sight words!
  • Homework isn't as bad as I thought!
  • The schools are amazing with parent communication and my concerns and questions have been addressed promptly.
  • This month I have attended 2 open houses, 2 PTO meetings, 1 superintendent meeting, 1 School Family Community Partnership meeting and love getting plugged in and meeting everyone! I submitted my volunteer paperwork and had fingerprints done and am officially able to get in the classrooms! I start on Monday!
  • All three kids have grown in confidence!!!
  • The kids are making new friends and I love hearing about them! {The good and bad - ha!}
  • The schools have lots going on so our calendar is filling with lots of fun things to do!
Although I have been busy, I love the change to what I am doing from the stress of lesson planning and being responsible for their education. I enjoy helping them with homework and it's been manageable. In fact, the kids are told to take responsibility for it all so I'm not ever worried about it!  

So in all, it's been a super fabulous change for us! We'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts especially as time change "fall back" happens soon {Nov.1 - yuck!}. I'll keep you posted! Happy Autumn!!!

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