Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making My Home a Haven

One of my favorite bloggers is Courtney over at Women Living Well {home of the Good Morning Girls bible study I do}.  She does a Fall Challenge every year where she walks us through steps we can take to make our home a haven.  I think it's so important for me this year because my kids are in public school, my husband works and I want to be sure we all reunite at the end of the day in a home that is welcoming and warm.

So this week's challenge is this:
Buy a candle.  Light it daily.  Say a prayer for peace for your home each time you see it.

That's easy to do!

Now for the more challenging part... putting it into practice!
Here is what I actually plan to work on to promote more peace and patience in my home:

With my husband
I will hold my tongue and not criticize him.  I will listen to his stories and ideas without rolling my eyes and be more encouraging.

With my children
I will correct my kids without screaming at them.  I will help them work out their conflicts in a more loving way, you know, without screaming "GET ALONG!". {See a pattern?}  I will stop giving my children ultimatums when asked to do something.  "Clean your room or you aren't getting any dessert."  or "Do your homework now or you won't get to watch TV."  Anyone else guilty of that?  Why can't I just ask my kids to do something and leave it at that?

With my house
What feels better?  Walking into a messy or clean room?  I plan to keep my house tidy so when my family comes home, it's welcoming.  I also like having my home in order so when last minute company comes over, I'm ready and not rushed.

I already lit my candle and it smells good in here!

I really like having this challenge at this point in my life because I really love being a homemaker and it's nice to have a focus as life gets busy.  If you join us for this series, please let me know!

Please check out Courtney's blog for more information!!

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Tara D said...

I always love this challenge! :)

Mary said...

Tara.. I haven't done it in a couple years. I go through phases and this year is a year I really need the focus!