Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First day of school Aug 2015

My kids started school last week!  {It's back to public school for us, so to read about our reasons for switching from homeschooling, click here.}

My kids are in two different schools because middle school starts in grade 5 in our town!  YIKES!  I drove the kids their first day but now they take the bus.  I dropped Vienna off first because her school starts an hour before the boys.  I also drove her friend so they could walk in together.  The boys were still with me so I had my distractions and didn't cry.  I was impressed!  haha!

Then I drove the boys in a bit later.  Colin's book bag was heavy with new supplies so before he got out of the van, he couldn't get it on his back without his brother's help.  Then he couldn't get out of van so Lance helped him again.  As the boys walked into the school, little Colin was wobbling under the weight of his bag while carrying his also heavy lunch bag.  He looked so cute and I wanted to help him and that's when the tears burst forth.  My little guy was all on his own and Mama wouldn't be there to help him.  Plus I was alone in the van.

As I drove away, I heard a song on the radio that Lance liked and I cried harder knowing that if he was with me he'd pipe up and say: "I love this song!"  But now it's just me and it was so quiet.  I thought how all our memories have been together to this point and now our days will be spent apart.  It's a big change for this Mama who has had kids with her 24/7 for 10 years!

I pulled over to finish crying then called a friend.  I couldn't get through telling her about drop off without crying again.  But she listened and by the end of the call, I felt better.  I prayed and thanked God for my day, asked for their protection and drove home.  This was my view when I pulled over.

I've stayed busy since they started school.  I'm trying to do all my housework and errands while they are at school so I can be fully available to them when they return home.  My houseguests moved out on Friday so I've been helping them at their new place with cleaning and unpacking.  And finally, maybe soon I can start all those low priority projects that I've put on hold.  Aside from the kitchen and one bathroom, we haven't painted any rooms in this house since we moved in almost 6 years ago!  Poor Lance has had a dark red room that was great when he was a napper but now needs to be freshened up!  I can't wait to start on photo projects like finishing Lopsi's Shutterfly album and work towards printing our family photos.  I just submitted my volunteer paperwork today and hope to get into the schools to help out too.  And time with friends... I look forward to grown up lunch dates with my friends!!

My kids are doing great and all report that they love school.  I'm seeing one blossoming with confidence before my very eyes - a huge answer to prayer, and a reason I felt led to send them to school.  They are meeting new friends while enjoying more time with their neighborhood friends.  The staff has been incredible up to now.  They reply to my emails and have been really great with communication, another answer to prayer!

My attitude has shifted too.  I'm not lonely or sad about being apart each day.  For one my days zip by!  The boys get on the bus at 8:10am and Vienna gets out at 2:20pm. I get over an hour with her before the boys come home and that gives us lots of time to chat and connect.  Our evenings have been better since we have more to talk about.  There is a vibrancy in the air that was lacking before.
I'm also surprised by the mental rest that has been unexpectedly relieving!  Aside from the burden of being responsible for the education off my shoulders, being off-duty to all kids' demands is pretty sweet!
I jokingly shared on Facebook that I can eat treats without having to hide anymore!
And the extra perk, since we are up at 5:45am each day, I see my husband before he leaves for work.  Poor guy has an early schedule and we never saw him in the morning.

So far so good.  And with that, September is upon us!  Enjoy what's left of summer weather!

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