Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our summer vacation

My husband was away on a course so I took the kids by myself on a 9-hour drive to my hometown in Saint John, New Brunswick to visit family.  Traveling with older kids is SO.MUCH.EASIER!  No diapers to change, no stopping to nurse or feed a baby, and no inconsolable crying... Oh to be past that phase makes a world of difference while on the road!

The kids even helped me pack and load the car!  To make it easier, I printed off my packing list from Word.  I have used this for years and really makes getting ready less stressful!  {I have a few things to add to my list after this last trip, like last minute to do's!}

The kids were anxious to get to Canada so we only stopped two times, every 3 hours and ate in the van!  Bathroom breaks was so.much easier.  All four of us went into our stalls and took care of ourselves. I didn't have to help anyone!  It was wonderful!  So hang in there parents of young kids who don't travel well!  It gets better!!!

I made my kids travel binders that included free printables I found online.   I included colored pencils in a binder zip case too.  My kids weren't as interested in these as I had hoped.  The biggest hit was the map of our route with a few major highways and towns in point form for them to check off as we passed.  We've played the license plate game many times but I loved the car make/model game.  Sadly that didn't last too long.  A friend gave me the idea of printables for each State so I had NH, Mass & Maine.  There are tons of ideas online depending on the interest of your kids and the binders can keep it all together.

I have the links saved on my "Kid's Stuff" board on Pinterest.  Click HERE to check them out. 

We had a great trip together although I missed my husband a lot.  We were able to see family we don't normally get time to see and I was able to do a lot of R&R that I desperately needed.  The hardest part remained to be bedtime.  Kids sleeping in a new place always takes time to adjust. They had later nights and were tired.  But overall getting away went much smoother than I had hoped!

Happy summer,
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