Friday, June 19, 2015

Proverbs 1 -5 with GMG

We just finished week 1 in Proverbs with Good Morning Girls!  It has been a great study so far!  I have read this book before but like with everything, when you read it again, new things pop up!

I love to highlight, color and doodle in my bible.  This time around, I decided to follow Courtney's color chart that she blogged about over on the Good Morning Girls website.  Normally I just grab any random color but this helps organize things a little better.  I'm not coloring every line, just those verses that jump out at me.
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The week we read Proverbs 1 through 5.  I have learned how important it is to seek wisdom.  The bible has TONS of info in it but if you read it, wisdom isn't spoon fed to you; you gotta slow down and really seek it...
"Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.  Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures." Proverbs 2:3-4
And I learned the necessity of memorizing scripture...
"Store my commands in your heart.  If you do this, you will live many years, and your life will be satisfying." Proverbs 3:1b-3 
It's not the length of my life that matters but the satisfying part that struck me.  After all, only God knows the number of our days!  {Proverbs aren't promises, but principles explained Courtney!}

And as I grow and learn and as I raise my kids, this pretty much summarizes what I want for my kids...
"Get wisdom; develop good judgment." Proverbs 4:5 
That is just a snippet of what I've learned this week.  It's been so good to get into the swing of things and continue on with our bible read through!

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Cat W said...

Wisdom and judgement are such great things to desire for your kids. Looking forward to continuing the study along with you!