Tuesday, June 9, 2015


One of my favorite snacks is popcorn!  Back in Canada, I used to go a store called Kernels and I'd get funky flavors like white cheddar and ranch.  Did you know that you can find seasoning to flavor your popcorn at just about any grocery store?  It's a great way to change up an inexpensive snack!

They are typically found in the aisle of the grocery store with the popcorn.  I am sure they are easily overlooked because of the size!  I recently was in Canada and bought ketchup flavored!  Mmmmm... The bottles on the left are from Canada and the two on the right, I bought at Walmart in the US.

To make inexpensive homemade popcorn using plain kernels, you can throw 1/4 cup in a brown lunch bag.  Fold the ends and put in your microwave.  Cook using the popcorn setting and listen to when the popping slows down.  This is a great way to serve kids!  Throw some melted butter and seasoning of their choice!

Use any pot with a lid.  Add canola oil to cover bottom of pot.  Add kernels to cover the whole bottom of the pot in one layer!  This measurement will pretty much fill the pot perfectly!  No need to add butter this way either because the seasoning will stick to the oil!

buy microwave popcorn!  ha!

Happy munching!
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