Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My 1st thredUP experience

I recently made my first purchase with thredUP.  Have you heard of it before?  

Oh it’s ingenious!  It’s an online consignment shop and it’s so easy to use!!!!  You can search by clothing/accessory type, name brand, color, price and size!  The features are so obvious and simple to navigate!
I shopped for summer tops for myself {since I don't really need to try certain styles on}.  I selected my size and I chose the “under $10” price range!  Oh the search results!  It was amazing!  They show photos of the front and back plus include a little description.  I ordered a couple things with “slight wear” but I was still very happy with the quality!

You get free shipping if you spend $70 so I got a few tops for myself, two skirts for my daughter and pants for my son.  {Yes, they have kids stuff too!!!}  

As a first time customer I got 20% off so that brought my total down.  $54 got me allllll this!!!  

{Nice collage of my order from thredUP}
I was so happy that they applied the free shipping on $70 BEFORE the 20% discount.  Amazing!  

The box arrived and I was again impressed. Look how nice it is!

My items were wrapped in pretty tissue paper.  

And even cute little tags so the clothes felt new.

They also have shoes, jewelry and bags.  If you like name brands, you can shop by those filters!  And you can even request a bag and send them your unwanted clothes to consign!  You'll have to visit their website to learn more about that because I know nothing, but it's a neat option!!

If you decide you want to try it out, click HERE so we can both get $10 towards our next purchase!  If you do it, let me know what you got!  They'll send you an email like the photo above with all the clothes laid out... yet another fun detail!
Happy shopping!

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{PS. I have no connection to thredUP.  I just loved my first experience with them so much!!!}

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