Friday, May 1, 2015

Alphabet themed birthday

My youngest son turned 5 on April 30th and this year was the first time I did a party for him at home!  For the past couple years, I have simply organized play dates at either a park or Chuck E Cheese {via Facebook announcement} where I brought a cake and drinks for his friends.  It was just a simple way to make him feel special on his birthday!

This year his birthday fell on the same day as my weekly book club, and it worked out great because a whole bunch of kids come to that with their moms!  The ladies agreed to a potluck lunch to celebrate our last day in our current book.  We ate and chatted before some ladies left and it turned into party mode for the rest of us!

Colin and I talked about themes and he picked the alphabet!  Oh what a fun one!  I was able to use things I already had on hand to decorate and spent less than $5 on a couple things I needed like more balloons and streamers.  {Food and favors was where I spent money but that can fluctuate depending on your budget!}

Here are my decorations in the living room.
I wrote letters on post-it notes and the kids scattered them around like confetti.  This was also for a game.  {More on those in a sec!}

Various letter puzzles on the tables:

The dining room:

Using almost mostly what we owned, I just randomly put alphabet themed things all around my house.  ie. letters on the dryer in my downstairs bathroom, books, writing on dry erase boards and printed signs!

My friend Chrissy has a party business and made the cupcakes and marshmallow treats using Alphabets cereal. She made the wrappers to match my theme and they were soooo tasty!  Check out her Facebook page!!  This was her contribution to our potluck so I scored BIG time on that and didn't spend a dime!!  So grateful for her talent and generosity!

We played three games:

Spell the Alphabet
We split the kids into two teams.  Each team had to spell the alphabet using the post-it notes that were scattered on the wall like confetti.  Team work baby!

Pin Your Initial on the Alphabet
No donkey; no tail.  Just sticker letters on a board and a blindfold!

Musical Alphabet
Much like musical chairs but instead with painters tape on the living room floor!  My sweet daughter peeled a letter up after each round!

At the end, Colin got some great gifts from very generous people!  For party favors, I decided to do one bag per family.  Each child got their own bubbles, M&Ms, fruit snacks and stickers, but I only gave to each family one of the following: foam letters, magnetic letters and a notebook.  {I got everything from Job Lot, Walmart and The Dollar Tree for $1 or less.}

So that's how I did Colin's fifth birthday!  Once you pick a theme, it's easy to find things around the house!!!  We had a great day celebrating our son!  And with that, the Newman Kids birthday season {all in March/April with Easter!!} is OVER!  *wipes brow*!!

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