Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Cleaning Endeavor 2015

Back in November of 2012, I wrote this post {HERE} about the clutter in my home, how it accumulated and how I intended to deal with it.  I started a Facebook group called "Clutter Cleaners Accountability" so those of us who needed extra encouragement could post before and after pics or simply verbalize our goals to make them more real!  {It is a closed group so if you are on FB and want to join, come on over!!}

While looking around my home, I realize how much I need this group again!  I posted this photo last week!

It's a fun way to conquer little jobs that you often pass by!  There is something so satisfying in seeing before and after pictures!!

Now that Spring is here, many of us want to Spring Clean but it seems too overwhelming.  If you'd like to join me on my journey, I'm going to tackle it little by little and post regularly on CCA while perhaps blogging about it in chunks.

I created a cleaning schedule some time ago.  It just gives me a guideline to go by so I have a focus each day!  I do not always follow it {my endeavor!}, but it's nice to have a plan.

The first step is to write down all the little things that need to get done in that specific zone that you do NOT do on a regular basis.  These are the things you walk by and say "I'll do that later."  {ie. get that cobweb in the corner!}
Let's take my kitchen for example.... My lower priority list looks like this:

  1. change lightbulb
  2. fix tile on floor
  3. clean vents
  4. wash windows
  5. caulk counter edge
  6. vacuum under fridge
  7. clean oven

I always do general tidying and dishes but tend to stop there. This really helps me so when Monday rolls around I can attack one or all of my lower priority items depending on my availability.

What do you have to do?  Organize the pantry?  Purge mugs?  Organize spices?  Write it all down on a sheet of paper!  One room per sheet!  And it's good to walk around your home and SEE what you need  to do!

When the cleaning day comes around for that assigned zone, look at that list and DO something on it!  You'll soon discover it didn't take as long as you thought and you end up doing more!  For those of us on CCA, it's fun to post a photo of the zone we are about to attack, while others prefer to show the before and after photos together.  Either way there is something motivating about sharing these little things with others!  So again, you are welcome to join me on my Spring Cleaning 2015 journey over at Clutter Cleaners Accountability.  Hope to see you there!  {But if you aren't on Facebook, don't worry, I plan to summarize things here on my blog too!}

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Jennifer said...

I love the idea of a cleaning zone schedule! I usually try to tackle all the big jobs at once, which doesn't work out very well. :) Will definitely be implementing your ideas!

Nathan Riley said...

That's a fine idea, as it can keep you organized. Nothing like bringing in others to help you sort out such a mess, where they can bring in their ideas as well as lift up your spirits. Sometimes, it's much better to bring these kinds of matters out there, so that others will be able to figure out their own clutter problems too, by observing how you went through yours.

Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta