Monday, April 20, 2015

Simple coucous chicken salad

I just wanted to share a simple meal idea!  I cooked a roast chicken the other day and had leftovers in the fridge.  There was some meat left but not a whole lot to feed my family of five.  I took as much meat as I could off the bones while I boiled water for coucous {kinda like itty bitty rice but is pasta and takes minutes to make!}.  Once it was all ready, I added it to a bowl of spinach and chopped tomatoes, coated it all with Italian dressing.  Here's my fav:
Served it with sliced Italian bread and a meal was done!

All my kids ate this which is rare in this house so I had to pass it along!
Happy eating!
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Jennifer said...

That looks delicious! And so easy and healthy! Thanks for the great idea.