Friday, March 6, 2015

Listening with fresh eyes {BTTB}

My Good Morning Girls group just started in the book of Matthew this week!  I am happy to be going through it again because there is so much to learn!  But because I already have read this a few times, my bible is marked up.  In order to read it with fresh eyes I decided to do things a little differently.  {And this is because my eyes kept drifting to my old comments and what I had already highlighted.}

I have the bible app called: YouVersion on my iPhone.  If you go in the App Store, search "youversion" and this is what it looks like:

They have an audio option for some versions of the bible.  So first I listen to the chapter with my notebook in hand.  {So yes that title was intentional...hehe!}  This has been really good because my kids have been in the room so they are hearing it too!

As things stand out, I just jot them down.  Then I open my bible afterwards and write down the verses that the words belong to.  From there I am able to do my observations and application, which is the current format we use at Good Morning Girls.  {Click here} for more information on this.

Here's my page for today if you are more visual and want to see...  Just click to enlarge.

I've done this for the second half of the week and it definitely helps me think about the chapter without distraction.  Hope the idea might help someone else!

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Karen Murray said...

Brilliant idea! What I usually do is buy a new bible each time I start again, but this would be the less expensive option! Thank you for sharing this Kx

Tara D said...

I love that the kids are getting to hear it too. What a great benefit!

Mary said...

UPDATE: I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and still really like this method for my learning. My husband likes that I'm doing this too! But truth be told, my kids are NOT always in the room.