Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Fitness Pal

My husband competed in a Biggest Loser competition at work and he won!  He tracked his food with My Fitness Pal.  It's all about calorie count for him.  He lost 17lbs!!!  For anyone who knows my husband, you'll know that he's not a big guy but my oh my do we both notice a difference!  Aside from looking great, he FEELS so much better!

I have some jigglies to lose myself.  It slowly creeped on since I stopped running a couple years ago.  So I signed up for the same app.  I entered my current weight, my goal weight and how aggressive I want to be to get there.  Then I started tracking my calories too.  It's pretty easy to do with the bar code scanner and the database filled with food items and recipes that people have added.

I am much more aware of what I am eating and am forced to make healthier decisions to stay within my daily caloric allowance.

I just started but one of the revelations I had is that what I thought were healthy choices still were high in calories.  Just look above at my breakfast.  I thought granola was a healthy option but it's high in calories.  Boo!

So even if you eat better, your calorie count for the day may be too high and therefore you won't lose weight.  It's a simple math equation.

The other day we ate at Chili's and I made a good choice for supper. and it was YUMMY!

But stupid me ordered an appetizer and never knew baked potato skins were THAT high in calories!  They put me over for the day.  If I just stuck with the chips and salsa, I would have been fine!

I could have worked out and balanced my calories, but I didn't on this day.  I am not being super aggressive quite yet.  {This is quite the learning curve for me!}

The visual of numbers really helps me though!  If you struggle with losing weight or just want to eat better, then this is a great free app!

PS.  If you follow my blog, you may recall that I wrote about food tracking in January and how my friend and I were allowing ourselves 3 Sweet Chances a week.  We did it through to last week and it was great!  I was definitely more intentional about the sugar I consumed.  But she and I both need to watch ALL the food we eat, not just dessert, so that's why we are changing things up.

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