Friday, February 27, 2015

Give them my best

We are currently in our third year homeschooling.  In the first two years, we had outside commitments that took us away from the house through the week, like a weekly bible study for me and preschool for Colin last year.  On the days we were out, it was really hard to get any academics done!

So before we started this year, I was determined to keep our schedule free from weekly obligations through the day in order to really focus on my kids and their education.

And I have to confess, that even with a clean calendar, I find so many things that distract me and keep me from giving the kids my full attention.

I remember when I first had this revelation years ago. I was making a meal for someone who had surgery.  As I prepared the meal all afternoon, my husband asked me what was for supper.  I said that I didn't know what I was making for us... probably have to order out!  I learned from that experience to double the recipe and include my family when I prepare meals, but I still struggle with this concept as a whole.  Why do I serve others wholeheartedly but don't give my own family the best of me?  I know I am not the only one who struggles with this!

This week, in my bible study with Good Morning Girls, we read Exodus 36-40.  It's all about the building of the tabernacle and all the elements around it, including the priest's clothing.  It is VERY detailed and sometimes dry and hard to read.  But as I read, what struck me was the materials that were used.. they were the best!

God gave Moses very specific details on how everything should be built.  Upon reflection, it encouraged me to give my family the same sort of attention.  To really embrace my role as mother and teacher and to turn away from the various things that distract me from this important task.

Rosilind, who is a leader on Good Morning Girls wrote a nice post this week about balance in her life.  Click here to read that.  What I realized while reading it, is that I already did the hard part of pulling back and prioritizing my schedule.  Now I need to take the next step and give my family what I so easily give to others.
To give them the best of me, not my leftovers.
To raise them knowing they are #1 by my actions, not just by my words.
I am raising my kids the same way the Israelites built the alter.  My best needs to go into building them up.

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Rosilind Jukic said...

Oh - I love this! Build our homes with the best of us! I just love that imagery! What a great post!

Bridget Childress said...

I think if we are honest all of us to some extent end up giving our families left overs at some point. I love your take on this weeks reading.