Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!  As you look to 2015, are you thinking of the areas you want to improve?  I sure am!  My areas are the typical ones people talk about about when they flip the calendar to January...
I know... so typical!  But it just takes a lot of effort and discipline and we are weak creatures, caving to pleasure more than what is good for us.  But after conquering some other issues in my life, I know I can do this!

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"  Philippians 4:13

I like that January follows the biggest pig out months of the year, starting with Halloween candy, moving into Thanksgiving and Christmas and ending with a New Year's smorgasbord.  How can we compete with ALL that?  Now I can finally focus on getting healthy again because the feasts have ended!

My husband and I like to eat but man are we are getting jiggly... thankfully at the same rate!  haha!  Our metabolisms are sloooowing down as we approach 40.  So we have a game plan for 2015!  {Well I'm only sharing mine here!}

2014 was a dud year for exercise so here I am again, recommitting to getting in shape.  {Tight pants is always good motivation isn't it?}  I got money for Christmas so am buying Zumba DVDs because I really, really want to learn to dance!  There is also a local place that hosts lessons so I am going to try to go if my schedule allows it!

I also have a treadmill and will be better about using it again.  My husband plans to step up his game and we'll hold each other accountable.  I have weight to lose and I also want to be in better cardiovascular health.

I started writing down what I eat to help me make healthier decisions.  I'm not on a diet but just trying to eat with more intention to nourish my body.  I think writing it down will help me be more aware of what I actually eat in a day!

I also will stop nibbling on sweets all day long.  Without paying attention, I just throw anything I see in my mouth!  I love chocolate!  My friend and I want to cut back on our sweet treats and we're going to do something that we did years ago.  We allow ourselves three "Sweet Chances" a week.  The week starts on Monday so if we know we're going somewhere on the weekend, we have to save our "chances".  The chances aren't limited to quantity so it could be one cookie or a plateful at a potluck.  But knowing we only have three chances of sweets a week really helps me pay attention!  {I put most of my Christmas chocolate in the freezer!}

After thinking about exercise and food, I remembered how much I like to plan and organize but how I don't always carry things out. So MOVE is my word for 2015.  Here's the Facebook cover pic I made for it!

I am thankful for New Year and the new hope that comes with it!

Happy 2015!!!

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