Friday, January 16, 2015

Stop ignoring what you know you should do

This week with Good Morning Girls, we read Exodus 6-10.  Moses went to the Pharaoh and asked him to release the Israelites so they could go out to the wilderness and worship God.  The Pharaoh was pretty stubborn and wouldn't let them go, time and time again.  As a consequence God sent various plagues.  During each plague the Pharaoh lied to Moses and agreed to let the slaves go but as soon as the plague was lifted, he went back on his word and didn't follow through!

Personally, I thought he was a power trippin' jerk!  He saw the power of God displayed yet STILL refused to do what was right.  He was so wrapped up in his pride, that he refused to make the better decision for his life AND the life of his people!

And sadly, many of us are no different than the Pharaoh.  We don't want to accept God for who He is or how He wants us to live our lives.  We have hard hearts too.

Pharaoh said what he had to say to get through each plague, but he didn't change.  He was all talk.  {I'm sure you can apply that statement to many different scenarios!}  I couldn't help but think of people I know who've had health scares and then were motivated to do the right things to care for their bodies.  But after time they became complacent, you know, when the urgency passed.  {The plague had lifted.}

And I told myself this....

Man!  I have my convictions too!
My prayer this week is to make better decisions based on what I know to be right and how I know God wants me to live.  To look at the big picture.  It isn't just about me.  Like the Pharaoh, my decisions affect "my people", my family.

Do you ignore something that you've been convicted of?
Do you need to quit smoking?
Have you been flirting with a coworker?
Have you been eating junk and gaining weight?
Do you need to visit an aging parent or grandparent?
Do you need to get off your gadgets and spend more time with your family?
Do you need to exercise for the sake of good health?
Do you need to stop yelling at your kids?
Are you violent and feel guilty afterwards?
Oh so many scenarios where we know what is RIGHT and do the opposite.

So much to think about. All from a few pages in a bible!
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PS.  I am sharing just a teeny tiny bit of what I've learned this week.  There have been so many other things too... history stuff, and cultural stuff... I really enjoy this study!  If you hop over to Courtney's blog post for Friday, she has a link up for other bloggers.  It's really interesting to read what different people focus on for the week!

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Anonymous said...

Love your take on this, you're right we do tend to slack off or return to old habits once the danger has passed. I'm convicted too!
Thanks for stopping by.
I think I'll be a regular here, melikey :-)