Thursday, January 15, 2015

Organizing jewelry

I shared this idea six years ago {wow - I've been blogging that long!} but felt it was worth re-sharing since my old pictures are quite pathetic and I changed the look a little!  {Click here to see my original post, done before the popularity of Pinterest or pretty pics in a blog post!}

As a SAHM who homeschools, I don't wear earrings most days, never mind pretty necklaces.  But I can still enjoy what I own by displaying it on my wall!

This is a cork board covered with wrapping paper, pattern down.  {I plan to update it with pretty fabric but I have other projects waiting ahead of this idea!} 

I covered the whole thing with a layer of tulle so I could hook my earrings on that next to the necklaces they match.  

Cute straight pins have replaced the push pins I used to use!  And I have all the jewelry organized by color so it looks pretty.

So even though I don't wear my jewelry every day, I still get to see it and enjoy the whole display as artwork!

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