Saturday, January 17, 2015

My planner for 2015

So last month I blogged over at and wrote about my daily planner, but since that post, I had to change things up.  {That's just how organization goes.  It's always changing as our lives change, and that's totally ok!  It's better to abandon one idea and try something that might work better!}

The thing is, I do more in a day than I realized!  I really needed more space on my planner than a month at a glance provides!  I had seen the Passion Planner on Facebook and loved the layout so much!  Look how lovely....

Visit their website here: Passion Planner
I love the weekly layout and the time slots!!!  Sadly they were on back order so I went to Staples instead to see if I could find something comparable.

Success!  I found The Action Day Planner!

The layout looks super similar to the Passion Planner except the weekends don't have the full time range that I would prefer.  But I still love it!  I can put my to do list, cleaning schedule, meal plans, etc all in one place.  After seeing many things online, I knew I wanted to try this format and so far so good!  I've been using it for two weeks and I'm already making better use of my time because I can see what's going on all week.

Plus I just love making it all colorful and pretty!  It makes me so happy!  {But next year, I am going to get that Passion Planner!}

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Tara D said...

I had never heard of a Passion Planner before. I love it! And I love the alternative you used as well. Loved how colorful you made it!