Friday, January 23, 2015

Get moving! {Week 3 in Exodus}

This week my bible study group "Good Morning Girls" is reading Exodus 11-15.  I've learned many things during the read through this week!  The way our group approaches the scripture is by using the acronym SOAK {click HERE to learn what that is about}.  

The "A" for application, is one of my favorite parts.  It's so neat to see how stories from long ago can apply to my life and encourage me!  The bible legacy is incredible!  

In Exodus 14:15 the Egyptian army is coming after the Israelites.  This is before the infamous parting of the Red Sea.  The people are afraid and complaining.  Moses gives them a pep talk about trusting God and God says to Moses:

“Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on." Exodus 14:15

Or my preferred New Living Translation reads: 

I love that because my chosen word of the year is MOVE!  

I am just like the people in that chapter.  I moan and complain about my circumstances.  I ask for prayer for motivation, discipline and energy.  I spend hours planning by writing lists and prioritizing things.  But the bottom line is I need to do less planning and talking and praying and GET TO DOING... ie. MOVING!  I know that God likes to hear our prayers, but I still need to DO my part, and that requires simply getting off my butt and doing it!  

Simple concept, but this overwhelmed at times, and easily distracted Momma needs the reminder!

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Scott and Tammy Provins said...

Hi Mary,
I love that...get moving! We have to do our part and God does His. I found your blog by accident and am glad I did. I need to be reminded to get moving. Thanks for sharing.
Have a beautiful weekend! Tammy

Anonymous said...

I needed this more wallowing!