Monday, January 19, 2015

Easy Artisan Bread in a what?

My brother-in-law loves to cook and he makes this amazing artisan bread in a dutch oven!  I had used a bread machine in the past but I don't care for the little hole in the bottom and never really liked the crust.  {And for some reason making bread the "old fashioned way" intimidates me!}

But this was just too easy to not try!

First I had to buy a dutch oven!  They are super expensive and I had one sitting on my wish list for years!  I wanted one mainly for roasts and soups but made do without it... but the idea of easy, delicious bread made it a top priority!  haha!

Target had a sale after Christmas and I scored a T-Fal brand one for only $39!  I was thrilled!  {If you know the regular cost of these puppies, you'll know what a deal that was!}

My BIL sent me his recipe but it required weighing the ingredients.  I don't have a kitchen scale so googled another recipe and found tons.  I just printed this recipe {CLICK HERE} because it looked easy enough!  {Heads up, you'll need a Kitchen Aid with the dough hook.}

It was super easy to do!!!  Look how beautiful!  *squeal!*

We gobbled up most of it with supper last night but had some toast for breakfast too!

And it tasted so yummy!  My kids were purring and told me that I shouldn't buy loaf bread ever again.  I seriously felt like a super star!!


Now I just need an electric knife!  I want to take this to the next level!  haha!

Anyone want to have us for supper?  I'll bring the bread!

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Tara D said...

Oh My! This looks so delicious!