Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Clean under your fridge

One night after my kids were all tucked in and the house was quiet, I heard a strange noise coming from the fridge.  I followed the sound and it was low to the floor.  I opened the freezer door {which is on the bottom} and it wasn't the ice-maker.  Hummm... I felt like an investigator and realized it was right near the floor.  I pulled the plastic vent off the front and GASP!!!!  The dust and junk under there was unreal!

Now keep in mind, I have moved my fridge many times to clean behind and under it but I had no idea that things could get trapped in the front like this!  Also a layer of dust about 1/4 inch thick covered the ENTIRE surface!  I ran to get my vacuum to clean it all really well!  I have NEVER cleaned it since moving in five years ago!!!  I just never thought about it!

I found my now gone sweet pup Lopsi's "chew chew" hide sticks and other random things like magnets and toys.  I was also very happy to find my missing Pampered Chef adjustable measuring spoon!  

And now my fridge sounds soooo much better.

The things you don't think of in a day!  So this is my public service announcement!  Vacuum under your fridge and remove the vent and get back under that too!  You might be surprised by what you find!

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