Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas fun continues - Angela update

I just wanted to share more ideas of things that I'm doing with our angel in case anyone is running out of steam with their little elves or other characters!  As I said in my last post {here}, our angel is sharing good news each morning with our kids.... the goal is simply to make them smile each day!

So here we go with the recent fun:
Day 5 - Lunch with Daddy.  We met up with my husband on his lunch break!  We normally never meet up with him when he's at work all day!
Day 6 - Kids received a box of thin mint chocolates!
Day 7 - Kids got some candy canes.
Day 8 - Christmas coloring pages and puzzles that I printed from the internet.
Day 9 - Game day!  We played games we haven't played together before... Bingo, Skip-Bo and Othello!
Day 10 - We baked cookies!  Angela sat in the drawer with the cookie sheets and Andes chocolate chips!!

Again these ideas are things we probably would be doing and enjoying anyway but it's fun to get Angela to announce them each morning!

I love reading about The Kindness Elves on Facebook and I have some ideas tucked away from there! But if anyone has any ideas of things to do, please let me know!

I'll be back next week with an update!  

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