Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free craft materials!

In the spirit of all things crafty, I decided to start saving random little things like bottle tops, tags on the bread and even those little plastic seals on milk for my kids to use. Nothing better than FREE craft materials, right?!

My 4-year old is obsessed with tape so I gave him a fresh roll, along with the odds and ends I'd been collecting.  I also put a bunch of other crafty things out for him like stamps, bingo dabbers, stickers and markers.

Kept him busy for a really, really long time!

It was also a good lesson on reduce, reuse, recycle!  

Here's his creation.  He said it was a town.  I think he was inspired by the map on the sticky note!

Vienna {9yo} made Rapunzel in a tower.  I love how she used a bread tie for the window, an elastic as hair and twist ties as the vines!  She is soooo creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So instead of tossing things in the trash or recycling, consider saving them in a plastic bin for craft time!   

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