Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A tip for sealing those Christmas cards!

I love sending out Christmas cards with our annual "Newman News" newsletter and mine will go out December 1st!  Woot woot!

My least favorite part of the whole process is sealing the envelopes!  Can you believe that years ago I used to lick them?  Ya, like each and every one!  Ewww!  They taste so gross!!  Then I used glue sticks but worried about getting glue on the newsletter or photo.  So last year I thought of this and wanted to share...

Just use a moistened make-up sponge!  I use a water bottle to get it wet since I have one in my office to clean my rubber stamps.  And since I'm in my office, I spray it over my little garbage can so I don't get anything else wet.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey.  I think this would be great for kids to help with!  Too bad I'm doing mine when my kids are in bed!  D'oh!  I should take my own advice on that last point!

Happy stuffing!

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