Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter blues a comin'

When I talk about being productive, I don't always mean hit the ground running in the morning, staying busy, keeping a clean home, crossing things off my to do list and baking cookies all with a smile.   For me, some days my productive endeavor is just surviving and feeding my children!

I suffer from anxiety and I have a history of depression.  Some days the dark clouds loom over my head and it takes everything in me to just get through the day.  {And THAT is partly why I have this blog!  Why I write... and why I am so purposeful about things... trying to manage my struggles.}

I am seriously affected by weather and time change.  It's already getting dark in the evenings and I feel my anxiety building as we get ready to turn the clocks back.  I also feel the pressure of the holidays upon me... my mental to do list swirling in my head... 8 weekends til Christmas... Ahhh!!!  {Feel it now too?  Haha!  Sorry!}

I betcha I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and although I haven't been officially diagnosed with this disorder, I have seen someone in the past for my other issues!  I have some strategies in place to help me get through this time and I would encourage anyone feeling the blah to not ignore it and talk to someone!

Even with knowledge of what I can do to help get through these dark days, the blah always comes.  I wish it wouldn't but it does.  And fighting it is what my endeavor is right now.

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Debbie Mazerolle said...

Hi Mary: Try light therapy. There are lamps you can buy that help SAD. I think I have the same thing. I don't want to get up in the dark and want to go to bed when it's dark. It's so different when the days are longer. I know a few people that tried the light therapy and it helped them a lot. Ott lights are good too as they mimic daylight. Keeping busy in the evenings helps it go by faster but I'm sure that's no problem for you with three children. Hugs from your old auntie. I know how you feel.