Sunday, October 19, 2014

New chores for the kids

Anyone else dread getting kids to do chores?  
Gah!  It's so emotionally draining to me!  So I confess, I have always just had my kids to do the minimum around the house to avoid unnecessary conflict.  They haven't had any regular chores but they do clean their rooms and help me tidy up the house when we are expecting company.
That's been about it.
Ya, not good.

So I've been noticing that my kids don't help as well as they used to.  And quite honestly, I feel like I've been doing too much FOR them.  Time for Momma to train her monkeys better so I am implementing a new chore system!  I want my kids be more productive and helpful people.  On top of keeping their rooms clean, they are going to have zones to take care of.

Vienna is 9 and her zone for the month is going to be the dining room.  This is no easy feat because it's where we do school.  She will be responsible for putting our books away and getting the table ready for supper each night.  She will dust and wash the windows weekly.  She also will be in charge of picking up the shoes by the front door and keeping the doorway clean since it's right next to this space.

Lance is 7 and his zone for the next month is the living room.  He has to put all the toys away and whatever else is out of place in this room.  He'll dust and make sure all the dishes are put in the kitchen.  Seriously... there is no need for me to be cleaning up after the kids or fighting with them to do it!

Colin's zone is going to be the upstairs hallway.  There always seems to be random toys and lego pieces laying around.  He also has to help keep his room and the playroom clean so he's not off that easy!

Since this is new territory for me, I would love to hear how other people actually carry out chores.  Do you have your kids do them daily?  What do you do if they don't do their chores?  I also would love specific ideas for age appropriate chores for my kids!  I plan to change it each month.
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