Thursday, October 23, 2014

My get-away with my man

Before I can share about our fabulous get-away, you must know this.... Until we went away in September to film our segment on The Doctors, my husband and I had never left the kids to go away overnight together!  EVER!  It was partly because we had no official reason to get away and partly because those infamous babysitting grandparents that everyone talks about live too far from us!  Soooo we barely get out for dinner dates never mind overnight!
So when the opportunity first came up, we almost didn't go because they only wanted to fly me and Jay and I didn't know who could watch our kids.  But a certain amazingly awesome friend of mine gladly took all three kids so we could go away without any worry.  She's pretty special and if it wasn't for Kim, I don't think I ever would have done it!  *ROAR FROM THE CROWD*!!!

The trip was amazing!!  We laughed a lot and we talked without interruptions!  We ate fancy food and took our time at the restaurants.  We weren't tied to our phones because everyone knew we were away and we really enjoyed being together!!  That alone {never mind where we went} was AHmazing and it was a super awesome get-away for us!

We stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel right on the Walk of Fame.  We've been to Time Square in NYC and it reminded us of that but on a smaller scale.  It was very touristy.  We ventured out a couple times to walk around, look at the stars' names and to take it all in.  All I cared about was seeing Michael Jackson's star, which I found!

And as a special surprise, there was an impersonator.  That was fun!

We didn't have time to get to downtown LA, Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive or any other popular places that come to mind but we really enjoyed what we DID do!  Like Santa Monica....

We had one full day to ourselves with no travel or studio commitments and we used it to go to the Pacific Ocean!  We chose Santa Monica and we used Uber car service to get there. {Check it out because it's a great alternative to a taxi!!!}.  They dropped us off at the famous Pier - which wowed me at first view.  We walked to the end of it and we enjoyed the scenery, the different musicians playing, looking at the the midway rides {thinking the kids would enjoy them!}, stumbled upon a professional photo shoot, saw a sea lion in the wild! and the weather... aaaahhh such nice weather!

From there we walked down to the beach.  {See the Pier behind me?}  I walked in the Pacific Ocean and went in to my knees then a big wave hit me and got my butt wet, which I was NOT expecting!  We laughed and I didn't care much because I had big plans to plop on the sand and enjoy the Californian sunshine!  Jay went in to swim while I sat on the beach watching our stuff and taking pictures.  He got beat up by the most powerful waves he ever experienced.  I just LOVED the scenery!  So peaceful!

From there we walked up to Third Street Promenade which we hadn't heard of before but Jay was curious to check out.  Turns out it's a major attraction - haha!  Just call us the wanderers!  The weather was unlike anything I ever experienced.  I loved it.  Even while walking, it was perfect.  The perfect breeze.  No humidity.  NOTHING like Connecticut.  I can see why people love Cali so much!

While in a store we asked a local what he recommended we should see or do.  He suggested we explore Venice Beach.  Lots to look at he said and he was right!  Lots of vendors and artists!  We walked from Santa Monica to Venice Beach along the foot path by the beach.  People were walking, running, biking, rollerblading, etc.  I noticed how healthy everyone looked.  Not celebrity perfection, but just active and well.  I liked it!  Did I mention the perfect weather?

We were near the Pacific for about 8 hours and we walked most of the time.  Another perk to not having kids, we could walk and walk without worrying about tired kids. It was soooo nice!

Another reason I'm glad the kids weren't with us was because of all the vulgarity.  The shops had t-shirts I wouldn't want my kids to see which included the F word.  One beggar {well back in Hollywood} sitting on a sidewalk shouted:  "Don't you F'ing see me?" when I walked by.  I heard "suck my..." lyrics in music.  And cursing ALL around me.  Definitely not a place I would bring my kids, but I got a good laugh out of SOME things I saw like this shirt which summarizes why we were there in the first place.... "The Man.  The Legend."  hahahaha!

Before leaving we watched a west coast sunset.

God did not disappoint!  It was beautiful.

Loved our time away!  We will be celebrating 15 years of marriage come December so this was an early anniversary trip for us!  We really loved it and are so thankful to CBS and The Doctors for giving us this little vacation!!!  {And again to our amazing friends who watched our kids so we could go in the first place!!!}

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I still can't believe you'd never been away!!! Sooo happy you finally got the chance!! :)