Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We were that family

My husband and I went to the beach on Labor Day.  Our kids played in the water and sand while we sat on our comfy chairs relaxing and taking it all in. 
Sept 2014
I like to people-watch and I was particularly taken with a young family.  Mom was pregnant and she and husband doted on their 2 year old daughter.  I watched them walk along the beach, play in the water, build sandcastles and go eat a picnic lunch together.
I had revelation. 

We were that family.  
Picnic lunch summer 2007.
And time has quickly passed and here we are.
We went to the beach with no stroller, no sippy cups, no cheerios and puffs, and no diapers.

My thoughts drifted… thinking how different it is…
I no longer have to watch the clock for nap times and meltdowns.
A tired lil Lancer. 2009.
I don’t need to carry around bibs, nursing pads, burp clothes, baby wipes, special spoons and pureed food anymore.

When I was in the thick of sippy cups and spit up, I remember wishing for relief.  I was told that it doesn’t get easier, just different and that is sooooooo true.  Although raising school-aged kids is less physically exhausting, I am more drained emotionally and feel just as beat up at the end of the day!

My kids are 9, 7 & 4 and we are in another phase of life.
Yes, I sleep through the night.  The kids can get their own snacks and drinks.  And every day they are moving towards more independence.  But we have plenty of new challenges that keep me praying to God for strength to get through the day!

But what would I like to say to that couple on the beach with a toddler and another on the way?
Enjoy the simplicity. 
Enjoy the smiles of new discovery. 
Enjoy the big diaper butt waddling as they find their footing.
Enjoy the dimpled hands and soft skin. 
Enjoy the adoration they have for you. 
Enjoy that YOU are their whole world.
Enjoy the possibilities.
Enjoy the morning cuddles and desire to be carried.
Enjoy the hands at the back of your neck.
Enjoy the sounds of a baby nursing in the darkness of night.
Enjoy naked bums running through the house after a bath.
Enjoy the innocence.

Because before you know it, you will blink.
Summer 2011.  Me and three little monkeys.
And you’ll be left only with your memories that seem like a lifetime ago.

{This is the sort of thing that helps me ENJOY the phase I'm in now.  Because like the baby/toddler phase, it is short lived too.}

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Steph said...

Introspective . Well said. Love your thoughts on enjoying being in the now.