Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tailgate Swap

We did it again!  Friends and I got together for another tailgate swap!  "A what????", say some newbies to my blog.  Well I know a very generous group of people who share items they no longer want before donating!  Hence, the name... one person's junk is another person's treasure.
I blogged about it before in July 2013 and January 2014.  {Click on those dates to read those summaries and get more details on what it's all about.}

14 of us pulled in with our junk in the trunk.  ha!  We met at a local park so the kids could play and we could shop.  We walked around and found lots of "treasures".

Here's some of the stuff I got:

Some people no longer used certain seasonal decor while I hate spending money on it!  Score!

I don't understand people who part with this sort of stuff.  It's my world.  If I could purr....

And this basket with a metal handle!  Love it for my living room!

Bows and wrapping paper!  Yay because I like wrapping gifts.

I found some great homeschool stuff...

V is learning to type using a free website but I thought I'd try this CD-ROM instructor too!

Some fun stuff for me!  Crafty bits and toiletries.

And even a couple new shirts for me!

See... you just never know what things you're sick of or don't use anymore that might be useful to others!

After we were done, many of us drove straight to a local donation center with our leftovers!  Yay for sharing and yay for clearing out the clutter from our homes!

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